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We specialise in providing mental health training programs for organisations striving to create and maintain a culture amongst their staff or members where it’s okay to talk about and then get help for any mental health issues they may be experiencing. Participants in our training leave feeling more equipped to notice when they and others might be struggling with their mental health and how to help source the support they need.

More and more employers are realising the enormous benefits of educating their workforce in ways to better support each other, creating a psychologically safe work environment. People left unsupported and mental health issues left unresolved are the leading causes of disability in our workforce. Disability refers to increased time off work, lower productivity, and long term health issues which contribute to poor workplace culture, higher staff turnover, increased worker’s compensation claims. Find out how you can help minimise the impact on you, your team and organisation.

We also offer the choice of completing mental health training in your own time on any electronic device via our e-Learning platform. Follow the button below to see the range of e-Learning courses we currently have available.

E-Learning Courses

Our Courses

Mental Health First Aid

This 2 day program provides the skills to help someone developing a mental health problem or in a me...

Youth Mental Health First Aid

This course teaches participants, over two days, how to assist adolescents who are developing a ment...


This is a 2-day interactive workshop in suicide first aid where participants learn to recognise when...


This is a half-day alertness workshop that prepares anyone, regardless of prior experience or traini...


This 60 to 90 minute program explores beliefs about suicide and suicide awareness. It is intended fo...

Resilience Now

Resilience is a much talked about topic – for good reason! Whether we can and how we bounce ba...

Mastering Challenging Interactions

This 1 day program has been specifically designed for staff engaged with customers or clients who ma...

Death, Dying and Boundaries

This half day program assists those supporting others who might be dying. Do you or your staff inter...

Mental Health Awareness Program

This one day program provides participants with the knowledge necessary to identify when someone may...

Why Us

We are experts in the delivery of face to face mental health training offered to participants from a wide variety of organisations including public and private companies, government departments and agencies, high schools, not-for-profit organisations and community groups. Our focus is on delivering training tailored to the specific context and needs of your participants and organisation.

Contact us today to find out how you can arrange an on-site training program for your team.

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